Historic Home or New Construction — Which Charlotte Property is  Right for You?

Historic Home or New Construction — Which Charlotte Property is Right for You?

  • Eric Layne
  • 01/15/22

New construction homes provide all the latest building trends and materials. They tend to be further away from the city center in newer residential developments. Historic homes are in established neighborhoods with beautiful trees, like the real estate you find in Myers Park homes for sale. They were not mass-produced when originally built, and many have some restoration and remodeling changes already. 

It should be noted though that if you want to do any restoration or remodeling on a property in a Historic District that affects the exterior of the home, you will need to receive a Certificate of Appropriateness from the Charlotte Historic District Commission. The purpose is to make sure the property’s historic significance isn’t hindered and the district retains its historic zoning designation.

Historic homes and new construction have different benefits, locations, and architecture. The architecture of Dilworth homes for sale, for example, is more likely to be bungalow-style than Tudor. We have the breakdown for you here. 

Benefits of historic homes

They were built to last. To be considered a historic home, they must be 75 years old. They have a unique charm, and they are likely the only homes in the area with detailed handiwork such as engraved pillars, scrollwork on the banisters, and other fine details captured in the woodwork of the home. 

They were often born before the trends of mass production took over neighborhoods and subdivisions, so you will typically find them surrounded by other homes with a unique appearance that gives the entire neighborhood personality. Plus, these neighborhoods will have large, gorgeous, well-developed trees and landscaping. Myers Park homes for sale are especially desirable for their wooded location and landscaping. 

Neighborhoods with historic homes

There are six Local Historic Districts in Charlotte, NC that cover a total of 700 acres and 3,000 properties. The Fourth Ward district was a prosperous area in the 1850s. In the 1970s, the area went through a dramatic revitalization, and many of the original Victorian homes have been restored. 

Dilworth was Charlotte’s first suburb and was connected to the downtown area by the first electric streetcar. The area’s curved roads and extensive landscaping became ideal for the rest of the city’s development.

The Wilmore area was developed as a streetcar suburb in the early 1900s. The Rudisill Gold Mine, which fueled the Gold Rush in Charlotte, is located in this area, and the district has the largest number of American Small Houses, which are scaled-down versions of the bungalow. 

Hermitage Court was originally developed in 1911 in an area that used to be the Myers family cotton farm. It is now Myers Park, one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Charlotte. 

The Plaza Midwood Local Historic District has the most eclectic mix of architecture and was developed between 1910 and 1920 by a variety of developers with different visions.

The Wesley Heights area retains much of the same appearance that it did in 1920 and is the only Historic District in Charlotte that is also on the National Register of Historic Places. 

The architecture of historic homes 

The Victorian Queen Anne dates back to the late 1800s and early 1900s and is beloved for its large wraparound porches and rich decorative elements. The architecture is more complex and asymmetrical, giving each home a different personality. 

The Colonial Revival’s signature feature is the symmetrical design. The front entry is centered, and there are equal numbers of windows on either side. 

The American Foursquare is, as it sounds, square-shaped. Due to the ease of building and the ability to use local materials, it is the most prevalent architectural style of historic homes. It is similar to the bungalow, but a couple of features set them apart. The porch on a bungalow will extend the length of the home. The Foursquare is a two-story home, whereas the bungalow is often one story or one and a half stories tall. 

The Tudor Revival, often built in the 1920s-1940s, is known for its half-timbering and brick on the exterior façade of the home. Myers Park boasts a fantastic collection of Tudor architecture. 

The English Cottage is a scaled-down version of the Tudor. Its primary feature is the steep roof on one side of the home, giving this architectural style the look and feel of a fairy-tale cottage.

Benefits of new construction

If you are building the home, you’ll have the opportunity to customize it to fit your needs. You are also able to choose the fixtures, countertops, paint colors, and other items to fit your lifestyle. If you are not building the home, there are opportunities to purchase model homes or those that are only a few years old. 

New homes will be more energy-efficient, which will save you money on heating and cooling. New construction will also have dedicated spaces that make sense in our current times, such as mudrooms and drop zones. They will have ample space for modern appliances like larger refrigerators and multiple areas for plugging in small appliances like toasters. They tend to feel airy and open, not only from the open layout and large windows but also from the minimalist use of architectural design. Entryways are larger and stair balusters are smaller, which opens up the space of the property. 

New construction neighborhoods

There are many new construction neighborhoods in Charlotte. Solena at The Vineyards is located at Lake Wylie, a man-made lake with 325 miles of shoreline and 10 miles of walking trails to enjoy. The residential community features low-maintenance living, a resort-style pool, and a sports complex. The homes are energy-efficient with an open, ranch-style floor plan. 

City Park – The Heights Series is a collection of three-story townhomes in the Coliseum District. This great location offers dining options within walking distance and a nearby golf course. The Ridgewater new construction development, on the other hand, is located in a quiet wooded location, and the neighborhood amenities include a pool, cabana, and playground. 

The Retreat at Rocky River is a 44-acre community of new homes. It’s near Reedy Creek Park, where there are 146 acres of sports fields and courts, a dog park, and disc golf. The Reedy Creek Nature Center & Preserve has 927 acres of natural forest and 10 miles of hiking trails to enjoy. This area is the best option if you love the neighborhood of Myers Parks homes for sale but prefer a newly constructed home.

New construction architecture

Most new construction homes will have a contemporary or modern design, and most will have an open layout with an easy flow between the kitchen, living room, and dining areas. They tend to have higher ceilings, more windows, and larger windows. 

Features that are becoming increasingly important and requested in new construction include environmentally conscious design and smart home features. In new construction, smart home features might go beyond regulating the thermostat to include sensors on the vents. It will sense the temperature in different rooms of the home and adjust to keep them all at the perfect temperature. Ceiling fans can be installed that will turn on when people are in the room and shut off when they leave. They can also adjust to keep the room at the right temperature. 

Eric Layne has an in-depth knowledge of the different Charlotte neighborhoods and architectural designs. If you are looking for a home or investment property to buy or sell, he is ready to answer your questions.



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