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An East Carolina University Alum

Eric Layne has his BFA in Communication Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design. His education led him to a successful career as a designer and art director for several prominent advertising and marketing agencies in New York City. Eric spent more than seven years building a foundation of integral design skills that he later channeled into his passion for architecture. From there, he started using his expertise in home design, both from an architectural standpoint and with interior design.

Eric later relocated to Charlotte and his expertise translated well into the area’s residential real estate market. He excels at seeing strengths and weaknesses that others miss; designing things others cannot envision. 

During his time at East Carolina University, Eric worked on a farming crew in Wilmington, North Carolina, building eight houses over the years (including his parent’s home) during his summer vacations and breaks between semesters. This hands-on experience is central to his understanding of houses inside and out.


Eric is the Go-To Guy for Everything You Need

Eric commits himself to the homes he works on, understanding everything from the ground up. He can see beyond countertops and curtains and the small details that buyers and sellers sometimes find themselves unable to get past. Even if you don’t have any experience in what it takes to design or renovate a house, Eric can assist you with the process. He breaks it down to the fundamentals and assists you in making significant decisions. Whether you need help exploring complicated projects or choosing between high-end materials and affordable ones, Eric is the go-to guy for everything you need. 

Most realtors do not have the combined experience Eric does between design, construction, and sales. It’s almost like you’re getting both Property Brothers in just one guy! 

Over the past 12 years of selling residential real estate, Eric has remodeled and flipped over four dozen houses and built more than two dozen from scratch –– either on his own or with clients, not many realtors can say that.

Why Buy With Eric?

Buying a home can be a stressful and emotional period in anyone’s life. Searching for an investment property or a fixer-upper amplifies all of those heightened feelings. In all of these circumstances, buying the right property is critical, and it’s easy to miss something important, especially if you’re not trained to look for them.

Cosmetic details in a home are important, but they’re not everything. Eric sees beyond minor aspects to look at the house’s structural components, craftsmanship, lot size, neighborhood, and other characteristics in the house and outside of it that can go unnoticed. You’d be surprised how heavily curb appeal factors into the overall value, but buyers might overlook it because they’re consumed with something they love or something small they want to be fixed. 

Eric has seen and sold so many homes, in both good and bad markets, that he’s become highly selective about the homes he chooses to invest in. He takes genuine care to look out for his client’s best interests. When it comes to your finances, Eric knows how important it is to invest in the right way, which is why he’s so picky when looking at available properties. 

Before you take the plunge and purchase a fixer-upper, it’s best to have an expert on your side that can offer advice and support. Eric will value your time, money, expectations, and desires when perusing homes, meaning he considers cost analysis and houses that are guaranteed to maximize your profit down the line. 

Eric Layne’s unparalleled expertise and hands-on experience make him the best person to help you scour the market for your dream home, investment, or project.

Work With Eric

My goal is to make the purchase or sale of your home as easy as possible while building a personal brand that’s innovative and reliable with a quality service guarantee. Looking forward to your business and the productive and prosperous relationship.

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