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A Graduate of Communication Arts at East Carolina University

Before transitioning into residential real estate full-time, Eric Layne attended East Carolina University, where he received his BFA in Communication Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design. Eric relocated to New York City and worked a challenging and rewarding career as a designer and art director for more than seven years. His time in the city gave Eric a rich well of hands-on experience and architectural study to draw from when working with his clients today. 

After almost a decade in NYC, Eric returned to Charlotte and has channeled his passion for design and art into home design. Not only is Eric a talented sales and marketing agent, but his successful career at several prominent advertising and marketing agencies has given him a unique perspective when it comes to exterior and interior design. When helping his clients sell their homes, Eric quickly points out strengths and weaknesses they might miss. He’s also adept at bringing designs to life, often creating compositions that others cannot envision.


Eric is Also a Renovation Expert

Apart from design, Eric is also a renovation expert. He worked on a farming crew in Wilmington, North Carolina, while attending East Carolina University. There, he built eight houses over the years (including his parent’s home). Constructing homes from the ground up is why Eric has such expansive and detailed knowledge of what goes into home-building. Inside and out. 

One of the most significant advantages of working with Eric is that he sees the details you might miss. He’s great at seeing beyond cosmetic components to the framework and fundamentals of a property. Eric is adept at breaking down the process into simple steps that anyone can follow. He’s happy to assist his clients in doing whatever needs to happen to maximize the profits on their property. 

Most realtors don’t have the sheer amount of experience Eric touts between design, construction, and sales. It’s almost like you’re getting both of the Property Brothers with just one guy! 

Over the past 12 years of selling residential real estate, Eric has remodeled and flipped over four dozen houses and built more than two dozen from scratch –– either on his own or with clients, not many realtors can say that.

Why Sell With Eric?

While it is possible to sell a home without the assistance of a realtor, it’s not recommended. It’s easy to rack up unnecessary costs or stumble over unforeseen circumstances when you start working to market and prepare your home for the market by yourself. In most cases, the risks of trying to sell on your own far outweigh the potential benefits.

Another advantage to having a realtor sell your house is negotiating for you and avoiding emotional sales. Selling a home is generally an emotional decision and can sometimes impede your judgment. A realtor is removed from those feelings. They act in your best interest rather than getting distracted by attachments. 

And that’s not even touching on how much work it is to prepare your home for the market and be available around the clock to monitor offers, plan showings, and give tours. Your realtor will take care of all of these things, so you don’t have to. Consider if you have the time to do what it takes to market your property alongside your other responsibilities and your day job. 

That’s why it is so beneficial to have an experienced, professional agent like Eric on your side. Eric can make quick decisions on what a home needs to stand out on a crowded market to sell for a high profit without bringing in other professionals that can cost you excess time and money. Not only that, but with the assistance of Compass Concierge, Eric’s clients can make these changes with no upfront cost to them to get their house in the perfect showing condition to achieve the highest price and quickest turnaround time.

Work With Eric

My goal is to make the purchase or sale of your home as easy as possible while building a personal brand that’s innovative and reliable with a quality service guarantee. Looking forward to your business and the productive and prosperous relationship.

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